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New Delhi Prehladpur Crime Special News Report by Archana Singh: In an awful and preposterous episode, a mother crossed all cutoff points in a family fight and stooped to a low that is past human creative energy.

Sonu Gupta, who is an occupant of Prehladpur in Delhi; on being not able deal with her outrage in the midst of a squabble with her in-laws, and tossed her 3-year-old child down the stairs of her home.

With god’s elegance, the young man didn’t get injured much as he was wearing a lot of layers of thick garments.

The despicable occurrence got caught in the CCTV camera put in their home shows a 3-year-old sleeping, while the family contention was on, and the Sonu Gupta can be seen first losing her cool and tossing garments on the floor; post which she picks her “dozing” child and unfeelingly tosses him ground floor.

On addressing the relative of the lady, Khabarspecial News went Prehladpur then came to realize that her son was married to Sonu for 5 years back and they wedded out of love. Be that as it may, just months after marriage the couple began enjoying a great deal of fights.

The occurrence additionally brings up major issues on the mental condition of the lady. The lady’s family has documented a F.I.R in the Prehladpur police station against her, yet no captures have been made up until this point.