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KhabarSpecial – Rate Card

FY – 2017-18

A)Rich Media Ads (Homepage) Innovations *INR 20000Daily
B)Standard Banner AdsINR 60CPM
C)In Banner Video (R side)INR 100CPM
D)Pre Roll Video Ads (Live TV)INR 150CPM
E)Pre Roll Video Ads (VOD)INR 150CPM
F)Section SponsorShip *INR 20000Daily
G)Widget SponsorShip (Live Scores, Weather, Stock Market) *INR 10000Daily

• * Special Days to be excluded
• Terms and conditions apply
• Rates are subject to revisions regularly basis changes in inventory

We offer High Impact Ad Formats which offer higher user engagement, ease of implementation, increased reach and increased ad revenue. We help you monetize better with our advanced ad targeting and promotional techniques. We help you reach your relevant audience thus increasing your traffic.


Standard Banner Ads:The standard banner is displayed as shown in the above image across different pages of the website.

Standard Specifications:

  • Ad Dimensions: 728X90
  • Type: Banner, Flash (.swf )
  • Max File size: 2MB


IN BANNER VIDEO:The In Banner Video is displayed on Right hand side of the website page.
    Standard Specifications:
  • Ad Dimensions: 300X250
  • Type: Banner, Flash (.swf )
  • Max File size: 2MB

Pre Roll Video Ads

IN BANNER VIDEO:Pre roll Video Ads are online video commercial that appears prior to an online video on a site and are typically 10 – 15 seconds in length.

    Standard Specifications:
  • Type: Banner, Flash (.swf )
  • Max File size: 2MB


    You can market yourself as a Sponsor on our website.
    Standard Specifications:
  • Ad Dimensions: Any IAB size or custom size.
  • Type: Image(jpg,gif,png)
  • Max File size: 2MB



KhabarSpecial website features real-time updates from India’s No.1 News Channel. It has latest news in Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Sindhi, Tamil and Telugu languages. KhabarSpecial News is English news website primarily covering Indian and International latest News.Websites bring to you the headlines from fields of Business, World, Sports, Movies, Crime, Gadget and TV in their respective languages. The users can also watch from the collection of Videos and Photogallery available on the website. To remain updated users can subscribe to our KhabarSpecial-Newsletter. Also they can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and You Tube.

Contact for Advertising
For further queries please contact:
Ajit Singh,
Head Digital Sales,
Call : +91- 8800325977


Add Unit Specs

  • Maximum weight – 40 kb Maximum frame rate – 12-16 fps
  • Animation limit – 15 seconds
  • Stop all animations before 15 second.
  • Looping not allowed. Can add a replay button (only for standard creative)
  • User initiated sound allowed, File loading not permitted.
  • Backup Image mandatory
  • Last frame should have the company’s branding on it.
  • Accepted file formats:
  • PNG, JPEG, GIF, HTML 5 and 3rd Party tags for standard creative.

HTML Guidlines

  • An HTML document (mandatory)
  • If using CSS, it should be separate files
  • If using JavaScript, it should be separate files
  • Images (PSD,JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • Videos (MP4, OGV, WEBM)
  • IF using GWD, file required in open format not published