khabarspecial/Celebrate Your Anniversary in Your Own Style Your Anniversary in Your Own Style

Your anniversary is the day your love story came true. So, it’s only natural, that you go all out to make this day special.

The same cakes and candlelit dinners just won’t make the cut every year. Try these ideas instead and make your anniversary one to remember.

Recreate your first date together: Have a date at the same mall, movie theatre, bowling alley or wherever it was that you sneaked out to meet each other for your first date.

Or go to the same restaurant your parents sent you to, when they set you up so you could get to know each other for the very first time.

Face a fear together: Celebrate your day of love by facing a fear of yours together with your partner.

khabarspecial/Celebrate your anniversary in style
khabarspecial/Celebrate your anniversary in style

Go skydiving or plan a trip which involves a scuba dive. Head outdoors on a trek and throw in an overnight camping trip, which involves spending the night under the stars. It will bring the two of you closer.

Combine adventure and romance: You could rent bicycles, race up to a hilltop with a picnic basket and then catch a sunrise or a sunset together from there.

Be children again: Go to an amusement park and try out all the rides together. Relive your childhood memories, and spend the day giggling away as you move from one ride to the next.

khabarspecial/anniversary breakfast in bed
khabarspecial/anniversary breakfast in bed

Add a member to your family: No, don’t start planning a baby yet. We’re talking about adopting a pet together on this special day. Sign up for some caretaking and team work, and get endless love in return.

Make a bucket list for the day : Make a list of crazy things to do for the day—such as taking a test drive in a car you dream of owning, a couples’ massage, a night in a hotel with a hot tub and champagne, volunteering together, camping and fireworks, going to a karaoke bar or a one-off salsa class.

When you are breathless with all the excitement of the day, you will remember why you chose this particular person to share that excitement with, for the rest of your life.