About Us

Khabarspecial.com is an Online News Channel was established in 2016 known as a prominent news portal. Our aim also includes promoting harmony unity and brotherhood among the people of all communities and sections.

As a result, within a short period in this year, khabarspecial.com has emerged as a trusted news portal of the country. Yes, the biggest achievement of our lovely caravan of the years, is earning the ‘Trust’ of the readers across diverse sections. With this, we feel worthy to change our slogan from ‘A Voice for All’ to ‘The Trusted News Portal of India.

Our Vision: Our team which comprises of editorial, reporting and photography sections, besides a large network of freelancers and stringers, gives utmost priority to maintain ‘strict neutrality’ in reporting, especially in matters relating to religion and politics. Our editorial policy is based on universally accepted values of truth, fairness and justice.

We must admit that our ever-alert readers, with their speedy reactions have helped us in maintaining our professional disciplines. The lovely bond between us and our readers has been strengthening with every passing day.

In the last few months, many of our exclusive and special reports have created a great impact in the society, which has brought us tremendous satisfaction of doing our bit to the society.

At the threshold of this year, let me also reiterate our commitment to continue our silent movement against all the bad practices currently prevailed across world of media, through remaining a truly plural, multi-ethnic and democratic media outlet, committed to value-based journalism and ethos of social justice.

Probably, a glance into our new layout, which includes new sections like ‘One Vision of Rural India’, ‘Health’, ‘Success-Mantra’, ’Education’ and so on would drive you home our enhanced commitments. In the days ahead, we hope to reach out to more people and achieve higher goals.

At this moment “khabarspecial.com” is proud to announce its new Managing Team, who has been a part of the news portal since the day of its formal launch in Delhi in 2016.